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Time flies so fast. My memory flashes back to several months ago when I met my friend, Chu. She comes from Malaysia and She had the plan to visit Jakarta for attending the International Conference at Universitas Indonesia.

I asked her, maybe she want to take short holidays after the conference. Chu will spend two days before she returns to Malaysia. I had tried to recommend the beautiful place at Jakarta, but Chu makes me surprise.

 "I have made my list to visit someplace at Jakarta, Setu Babakan and Seribu Island," she said very enthusiast.

"Oh really, how you can get the information?" I was really curious at that time.

"I've got all of the information from, you must be familiar to this website, it's so helpful." Said Chu.

"Wow, honestly I don't know the website, Chu" I feel so embarrassed.

"Well, you must go there and you'll find so many features in there such as culinary, art, news, vacation and so on," said Chu.

A few minutes later, I open is a media or blog for a traveler to share their travel also tourism experience and journal. has some features, such as:

Home Menu on (
Home menu is automatically open when you open You can look at the glance for all specific features, what’s new and the most update will appear in the "Home" menu.

Explore your destination through Vacation Menu (
In this section, you can explore so many beautiful and amazing spots for spending your holidays in Indonesia. My friend, Chu finds Pulau Seribu as one of an article on vacation menu.

Find your favorite culinary (
Travel is flat without culinary. Indonesian traditional cuisine is the best part of your journey. Chu finds that Setu Babakan is one of the Betawi culinary spots in Jakarta. also provide Tips and Info special for you (
Are you afraid of your travel budget, especially in accommodation? Don’t worry, because there’s an article to help you arrange the accommodation, of course with a low budget and a nice place to stay.

Indonesia is a country which has thousand islands and hundreds culture (
Tourists come to spend their holiday in Indonesia, because of art and culture from 34 province. Based on data from the Ministry of Education and Culture, we have 652 local languages in Indonesia. Can you imagine this is the biggest asset for our tourism potential? Indonesia also has a unique culture like Munggahan tradition in Sundanese to joy Ramadhan.

The "Event" section will give you information about events per month or the most update event. So, let’s check and mark on your calendar. For example, you can attend the jazz festival in Ramadhan.

Find the most updated news from One of the update issues is #YourTravelSoundtrack to describe your favorite music to enjoy traveling time.

part integrated with Holamigo, another interesting page specific for lifestyle.

Guide and Sign in

You want to write and share your travel experience? Yes, of course, you can do it on! Just follow a simple step to create an account, through Facebook, Google account or fill the personal data. Your article not only helps many people but also you can get another benefit because you have a point and can redeem it, cool!


Are you having trouble finding information about Indonesia, especially when you didn’t understand “Bahasa”? Chu told me that she so happy can explore this website because she can set it into “English” language. You can also write your story in Bahasa and English.


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