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Someday I will become a very good mother for my child, my husband, my family. I must prepare to become a good mother start from today. A good mother have some criteria: good chef, take care for house and family. My mother is my guide, she always cook a healthy food and take care for my family. I learn so many things from her, the recipes, how to cook, how to making a cake, how to design our own kitchen, how to maintain the bathroom and all houseware appliances. She told me that in my own house in the future, I must choose the best home appliances especially for kitchen and bathroom. In fact, so many brand for home appliances, but I am really confused and have no idea how to choose for the best one and suitable for me.

The day finally come, I got the answer, I found the one who can stole my heart. Aha! Let me tell my stories to you. I visited kitchen and bathroom exhibition at Hall C3, Jakarta International Expo at Kemayoran Jakarta on 30 September 2017. I go to TEKA INDONESIA stand and try to know more about their products. Hmmm...it’s so interesting, they have all of home appliances that I want. So, I asked many questions to Mr. Puja (one of Teka Indonesia marketing staff) about Teka kitchen appliances. TEKA INDONESIA support for kitchen and bathroom appliances include Teka sanitary systems. Mr. Puja tell me that TEKA INDONESIA has release the new product. Let's go to check my review about that.

The new WISH oven from Teka

Mr. Puja and my friend (Sam Nugroho) (Linda's Documentation)
What do you think about oven, especially our conventional oven? It's so makes me frustrated. My mother use the conventional oven to bake a cake, the space is so small, the heat is not constant between up and bottom sometimes different. For the results, our cake is not well cooked or overcooked. Mr. Puja tell me that this situation will not happen again if I use the WISH oven from Teka. Teka WISH oven has an excellent and elegant models, low-consuming and very easy to use. Don't worry about the heat because it will be set automatically and the temperature always constant, say goodbye to overcooked cake and bread when you using WISH oven! WISH oven can detect and measure automatically the exact temperature to cooked your fish and meats. With this advanced functionalities, Teka WISH oven makes outstanding cooking experience for you. You want to bake cake in big size? Yes absolutely Teka WISH oven can solve your problem, with a larger inner space with 30% more capacity than the previous oven models. Please don't worry how you can clean your oven, because Teka WISH oven is also completed with the DualClean function, a double auto-cleaning system inside the same appliance: Pyrolysis and Hydroclean. Heat and water. In addition, Teka WISH oven are also very safe because they have systems to protect from burns.
I really fall in love with this oven yeah!
Continue again to other Teka products, makes me feel like I want to buy them all.

Teka´s Hobs

Teka's Hobs (Linda's documentation)
Honestly, I still use a conventional stove in my home, sometimes I feel insecure about the gas, the fire and so on. It really unsafe and difficult to clean. So, I will choose the best stove for my future home. Yeay, Teka can answer my question! They have hobs product that vear easy to use and quick, full automatic touch system, very save, extremely easy to clean and also elegant models. What the special feature from Teka Hobs, so let me share about this. The Teka Hobs is the new realise product that increase cooking power up to 70% just only in 10 minutes! How amazing right? Teka Hobs is also good in energy efficiency, so don't worry for consuming a lot of Watt. The best feature is iQuickBoiling, this high technology from Teka makes sure your boiling water is steady. The mechanism the temperature will increase until your water boiling perfectly, and then it will be decrease constantly to make sure your water still at boiling point of temperature. So you don't need to adjust the temperature manually. Teka Hobs is also provide Multislider Touch Control Pro, this feature will make your cooking area become so easy and allows you to adjust each cooking zone independently without any beforehand preselection.
These are the specifications of Teka Hobs:
  • 4 stoves
  • Bevelled glass
  • Multislider Touch Control Pro
  • Mute mode
  • iQuick Boiling, simmering, melting and heat retention modes
  • Power Plus mode
  • STOP & GO mode

Cooking demo with Chef Mika Hadi

Me and Chef Mika Hadi (Linda's Documentation)
This is my special moments when I go to TEKA INDONESIA stand. Chef Mika Hadi has come and do some cooking demo. She cooked a healthy pizza with the healthy ingredients and give tips and tricks to how to cooked a healthy food, simple and modern. The next recipe is cheese cake, really simple and the results makes my tongue can dance. So delicious! Chef Mika Hadi share her experience with Teka kitchen appliances, she already use for approximately 10 years without any service experience! Wow, the life time so long. She never disappoint with Teka products. At the closing time, Chef Mika Hadi give quizzes for us, and I am one of a lucky person. I got the recipe book with signed originally from Chef Mika Hadi. I'm really happy, because I want to give this book for my lovely mother. Thank you so much Chef Mika Hadi!

Teka kitchen and bathroom appliances makes me feel comfortable to do my job as a good mother and wife. Teka products has high technology, simplicity, modern, very safe, easy to use and clean, excellent quality and also long life time.


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